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Qualitec Coil Coates

Coil coating is a continuous and highly automated process for pre-painting metal before fabrication. In one continuous process, a coil of metal, up to 72 inches wide moving up to 700 feet per minute, is unwound and both the top and bottom sides are cleaned, chemically treated, primed, oven cured, top coated, oven cured again, rewound and packaged for use.

Our Coil coating process creates beautiful and durable top coates, using innovative applications and provides a variety of environmental and cost saving benefits compared to other substrates and other coating options. In addition, our two coating lines make our delivery time fastest in the Aluminium industry.

Our Qualitec coil coates are extremely durable and high performance with high resistance and tolerance to heat and water damage. In addition, they are a lightweight alternative to other roofing products and ideal for residential or commercial installations. Additional benefits of our coil coates include:

  • Durability
  • Variety of aesthetically appealing colours and designs Richness
  • Excellent quality