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Qualitec Aluminium Roofing Accessories

Qualitec Industries Limited makes sure that our customer are satisfied with our product and we also make sure the aluminium sheets are installed , by giving our esteem customer advice on it cares before installation. A steel or wooden carass when ready must be inspected and necessary correction made and physical measurement taken.

To avoid damaging the sheet before and after installation, clients are advised to properly store the sheets on planks that are free of nail, slopped to one side and in a place free from cement and dirts.. The portion of the wall above the aluminium sheets should be plastered before sheets are laid. Only high grade accessories including drive screws, felt, aluminium seam bolts and pop rivets should be used in fixing the sheet and flashing to guarantee long life leakage-free installation.


  • Alum. Hook Bolt
  • Tornado Nails
  • Special Concrete Nails
  • Alum. Seam Bolt
  • Alum.Drive Screw
  • Galvanized Drive Screw
  • Alum Pop Rivelt Nails
  • Galvanized Pop Rivelt Nails
  • Evomastic Silicon
  • Flash Band